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Confida Consulting d.o.o.
Confida Revizija d.o.o.

Confida Consulting d.o.o.

Knez Mihailova 22
11000 Belgrade

Fax +381 11 3039105

Country desk

We also take care of all customer inquiries from Montenegro and Macedonia through the location in Belgrad


CONFIDA Beograd is part of the transnational CONFIDA Group, an international tax advisory, auditing and consulting network with offices in Austria and Southeast Europe.

The firm advises clients in all sectors of the economy, both on a national and international level. The company has particular expertise in start-up advisory and administrative support for companies in Serbia (bookkeeping, payroll, correspondence) and, in this context, the advice to expatriates.

CONFIDA Beograd has three business languages (Serbian, German, English) and is therefore an ideal partner for international clients. CONFIDA can draw on the experience of well over a decade, acquired in all Southeast European countries.

Due to its integration into the international network INAA - International Network of Accountants and Auditors - the company is able to provide auditing and consulting services worldwide and also secures the highest quality standards in the areas of international tax planning and cross-national group audit.

  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Business analyses
  • Cost accounting and budgeting
  • Start-up advisory
  • Restructuring advisory
  • Audit and due diligence investigations
  • Accounting, payroll, monthly reporting, VAT returns, cash management, etc.)

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Mag. Christian Braunig

Mag. Christian Braunig, Tax advisor
With the company since 2003, Belgrade

Tax advisor
With the company since 2003

Fax +381 11 3039105

Christian Braunig has been with CONFIDA Group since he completed his studies of business administration with a focus on corporate accounting and revision at the University of Graz. Based on his eight years of work at the Graz office, Mr. Braunig has acquired extensive experience in tax consulting and auditing. Since 2008 he has been successfully working at the Beograd office. In June 2010 he was appointed as tax advisor and since November 2010 he has been working as Managing Director at the CONFIDA office in Graz.

Mr. Braunig focuses on classic tax advisory as well as cross border tax planning and consulting. He particularly specializes in the areas of tax optimization of M & A transactions, corporate restructurings, reorganizations of companies, double taxation agreements and transfer pricing advisory.

Christian Braunig is executive director at:
CONFIDA Steiermark Steuerberatung GmbH
Confida Consulting d.o.o.
Confida-Zagreb d.o.o.

Mag. Christian Braunig Confida Consulting d.o.o. Knez Mihailova 22 11000 Belgrade

Nevenka Petrovic

Nevenka Petrovic, Belgrade

Fax +381 11 3039105

Nevenka has over 10 years of extensive professional experience in audit and the preparation of financial statements which are prepared according to national and international accounting and auditing standards.She has extensive experience in audit, assurance enagagemnets and M&As. She has been involved in many transnational projects in industries varying from the oil and gas industry to retail and pharma.

Nevenka Petrovic Confida Consulting d.o.o. Knez Mihailova 22 11000 Belgrade

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