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In recent decades the Austrian economy’s success has been the result of increasing internationalization. Even among small and medium-sized enterprises there are hardly any companies that do not maintain business relationships with partners from other countries. Particularly for a relatively small country like Austria, internationalization is of crucial importance for further economic growth and securing domestic enterprises.

CONFIDA has recognized this trend early on. In addition to founding its own companies in South East Europe, CONFIDA became a member of the International Association of Independent Accounting Firms – "INAA" (

Based on this membership with INAA, which has 70 members with approximately 150 offices in more than 50 countries, we can serve our clients on their way to foreign markets. Due to close contact with our partners around the world, CONFIDA is able to provide its clients high-quality support promptly and directly. No matter whether it's cross-border tax issues, acquisitions or sales, permanent establishments for tax reasons or establishing branches or subsidiaries abroad – the INAA membership enables to support clients by their usual Austrian contacts.

Furthermore, we have established offices in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo, and Beograd.

Primarily, these offices serve Austrian, Italian, German, Suiss, British, American, and Japanese companies by providing consultancy services notably in relation to taxation and business administration. Moreover, we are in a position to carry out audits according to standards applicable in these countries.

CONFIDA has also launched a special initiative to support Italian companies and persons in Austria. For this purpose a specific center has been established in Klagenfurt.

With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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