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Mosser & CONFIDA Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH

Mosser & CONFIDA Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH

Frauengasse 5
8720 Wolfsberg

Fax +43 3512 825 97 – 16


  • Tax advice
  • Business advice
  • Accounting & payroll
  • Municipal advisory services
  • Cost accounting and budgeting
  • Founding advisory
  • Corporate succession planning
  • Restructuring
  • Tax incentives regarding research funding and general business development


Mag. Walter Mosser

Mag. Walter Mosser, Steuerberater in Knittelfeld

Certified tax advisor

Fax +43 3512 825 97 – 16

Walter Mosser began his fiduciary career in 1980 right after earning his degree in business administration with a major in trust business, finance law and labour law from the University of Graz.
In 1982, he accepted a new position in the city of Knittelfeld, passed the tax consultant exam and, in his capacity as managing director, built up the local office of the Enzinger-Mosser tax consultancy, managing it until September 2020. He has been managing partner since October 2020.

In addition to his main responsibilities, which include general advisory services for business enterprises, freelancers as well as farmers and forest holders, Walter Mosser applies his expertise in procedural law, financial criminal law and industrial law in the consultancy's day-to-day business.

Mag. Walter Mosser is certified tax advisor at:
Mosser & CONFIDA Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH 


Mag. Walter Mosser Mosser & CONFIDA Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH Frauengasse 5 8720 Wolfsberg

Mag. Andrea Nießner

Mag. Andrea Nießner, Wirtschaftsprüferin und Steuerberaterin in Knittelfeld

Managing Director
Public accountant and tax advisor
Business management consulting

Fax +43 3512 825 97 – 16

Ms. Andrea Nießner completed her studies in Business Education and Management Training at the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck in 2002. After starting her career in 2003, she was appointed as tax consultant in 2007. In 2013, she gained her qualification as a certified public accountant and completed the special training course on IAS/IFRS of the Academy of Chartered Accountants.

Since 2017, she has been Managing Director of CONFIDA Graz. Prior to that, she worked with auditing companies in Graz, where she gained extensive experience in tax consultancy, the consulting of businesses in agriculture and forestry, and the auditing of annual financial statements.

In addition to ongoing client support (founding consultancy, choice of legal form, restructuring, tax optimization and planning, etc.), Ms. Nießner's main professional focus is on business management consulting and advice on social security law issues. Furthermore, she oversees audits and special audits of annual financial statements.

Andrea Nießner is Managing Director at:
CONFIDA Steiermark Steuerberatung GmbH
Mosser & CONFIDA Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH
CONFIDA Süd Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Mag. Andrea Nießner Mosser & CONFIDA Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH Frauengasse 5 8720 Wolfsberg

Mag. Gertraud Frewein

Mag. Gertraud Frewein, Steuerberaterin in Knittelfeld

Managing director and Certified tax advisor

Fax +43 3512 825 97 – 16

Gertraud Frewein earned a degree in business administration from the University of Graz in 1997. After graduating, she worked for a tax consultant in Graz until 2005. She was certified as a tax consultant in 2001.

Gertraud Frewein has been employed with Enzinger-Mosser KG, now operating under the name Mosser & CONFIDA Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH, since 2005, acquiring extensive experience in tax consultancy on the job. She provides ongoing support to clients in matters relating to tax and social insurance law. Gertraud Frewein also likes to work in the fields of agriculture and forestry as well as real estate tax.

Mag. Gertraud Frewein Mosser & CONFIDA Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH Frauengasse 5 8720 Wolfsberg

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